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Tire Valve Stem Adapter

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Product Description:

This product is for monitoring tire pressure: if the pressure is 10% less than required, the sight glass of the monitor cap will show red, otherwise it will show normal which is green.

• Full green indicates the pressure is correct
• Partial green/red indicates that the tire is under-inflated by as little as 10%
• Full red indicates that the tire is under-inflated by 25%

 This device ONLY check your tire UNDER pressure, it does not check your tire OVER inflated.

Product Features:

All our tire pressure monitor caps are:

    • Designed, patented, assembled, and tested in the U.S.A.
    • Constructed of solid brass

–Brass threads will not cause cross-threading
–Brass construction will not cause chemical reaction with valve stem

  • 100% sealed to be airtight and watertight
  • Precision welded
  • Chrome plated
  • Easy to install

Installation Instructions:

1. Unscrew and remove the existing valve stem caps (only the caps, not the stems) on your tires.

2. Make sure the O-ring seal is inside safety cap. Installation without the seal can lead to tire deflation.

3. Install a Safety Cap onto each of your valve stems by twisting in a clockwise fashion. Firmly tighten each safety cap to create a seal with the valve. Hand tighten ONLY.

4. It is recommended that you check your installation for leaks with soapy water to insure proper seal.

5. After installation allow 30 minutes for the safety cap to display accurate pressure readings.

When installed, drive for 10 miles, the monitors will instantly indicate the tire pressure status through the clear window display.

Please watch the video for more details


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